Akb48 masterlist

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Akb48 masterlist

Feb Posted by Chiizujin. Note: It seems that there is a hardsub of v1 out there that was not encoded by kurobuta and is, for some reason, a very large file size as mentioned by Ais in the comments. Bookmark the permalink.

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48 Family /jp/ FAQ

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akb48 masterlist

Thanks for adding me m8. Made my day that I am being recognized. I'm really confused searching page by page. And I can easily see a lot of great author's name here. Thanks for adding me into the list. I was just gonna send you a PM for it. Anai Chihiro is my one and only. Thanks for adding all of my stuff! I really appreciate it!

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I also really appreciate you compiling all of these stories! Thanks a ton! Nezu's Box of 'Shots! The Only Exception - SayaMilky. I'll be back! Thanks, I was about to PM the admins to have a thread about the lists of fanfics here. Thanks for adding me as well. I never thought I'd see my username appear here. Indestructible Fire ongoing. Thanks for adding me too!Public Pastes. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! Once the success of AKB48 became apparent, Akimoto saw the opportunity to expand the franchise to other cities across Japan and beyond.

I will list the groups in order of creation date below, which should give you some idea of how developed they are. This has been relaxed somewhat over the years however leading to a blurring of the 2 franchises, which as you can imagine has made some happy and others less so.

In addition to the entirely separate groups, several sub-units have been created using members already affiliated with one of the groups.


These are typically created to cater to one market in particular, rather than the larger group's blanket approach. Each of the groups in the 48 franchise have at least one 'team' attached to it. Only one team performs at the theatre per day, these are primarily used as ways for there to be a daily performance in a group's theatre without the same girls having to be present there every day.

For example for a group that has 5 teams, you could potentially only need to have 2 teams perform twice in one week. By extension, it can be used to facilitate AKB48 performing in several locations at once, increasing the presence of the group across the country. You don't need to know every single member, in fact its almost impossible to do so.

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Don't think of the huge number as being intimidating, but more as a facility to give you options. The more members, the more likely you'll find one or a few that you connect with. Find them and follow them. The documentaries are also great, the behind the scenes look at AKB life is fantastic for seeing the sides of themselves they don't normally show. For Nogizaka46, "Nogizakatte, Doko? It is worth noting that almost all of the members that appear on AKBINGO early on have graduated already, so if that does not appeal to you start slightly further in.

Many people would argue that this early period was the best in the show's history though, so it's up to you. AKB content has been subbed by dozens of groups over the years so it's quite scattered.

Whilst there have been long lasting periods when most of it has been streamable online on one website that is currently not the case. Use the masterlists to find subbed content, then if it is only the subtitle file search for the raw episode on Aidoru-Online recommended or JPON. I have also included a master zip file containing large percentage of the softsubs available online courtesy of spiffigit from Nihongogo, though this of course does not include everything or any of the considerable hardsubbed content available.

For downloading raw TV shows, performances, music, photos and everything else you can think of use. Try reverse image searching and then translating the page looking for names, if that doesn't work try and ascertain which group they belong to and then look below.

If it's a show then try listening out for a name or skip straight to the member profiles before asking in the thread. The wiki links below have the various groups sorted into their teams containing both current and former members, allowing you to filter to the limited knowledge of the girl you are trying to find that you possess. There's an extensive glossary of the commonly used expressions in the 48 fandom written here, before you ask what something means in the thread, check here.

Or just Google it which should more often than not give you the answer. They only offer EMS shipping, so costs can get high if you order heavy items. CDJapan: Offers a range of shipping options, a decent points system and fast delivery.

They also have very good packaging. YesAsia: Free shipping, with inflated prices as a result. Shipping can be slow or delayed, but it can work out well for books and they sometimes have older items that have sold out in other stores. FromJapan: The most popular proxy service for idol goods. Commonly used for photos and other harder to get goods.

In groups of 16 ranked also got to be part of separate singles in their own right, though understandably with less of a marketing push. There are several ways to vote in the election, chief among them via purchasing the preceding single which comes with a code enabling you to vote, which has led to some extreme cases of fans buying dozens of CDs to try and help their preferred member to as high a position as possible.

This usually comes from the fact that AKB48 isn't trying to do the same things as the people you're thinking of.Last post by daph in Re: One-shot: Hallucinat Started by kuro Started by Seigus.

Started by Hitobo. Started by StrongStyle9Q. Started by Mnetruinedmylife. Started by Titi. Started by Mari Started by daph. Started by Darathon. Started by sadrilim. Started by gogosevens. Started by Yuina.

Started by Karasu mino. Started by Bukiyou Taiyou. Started by neinng.

Episode List

Started by Dinojino. Started by LoyalFlutist. Started by firebird Locked Topic Sticky Topic Poll. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Child Boards. Library Take a walk down memory lane with your favorite completed stories! The secret of my heart [AtsuMina], Chapter 6 [Log in or Sign up. Stage48 Official Member Ranking - see results here! AKB48 Bookmarks Masterlist. I've wanted to make this thread for a while. We've all been new fans, wouldn't it be helpful to have a thread where all the bookmarks and websites are gathered into one organized active thread?

I'd love for people to respond with things I can add to it, and i'll maintain the list as best as I can! Will try to avoid linking sites that violate forum policy. Paul Cho AKB news! AKB Oh my God! Zaka46 News. Paul Cho Nogi46 news! AKB Wrap up!

Haruna Kojima, Sayaka Akimoto, Rino Sashihara AKB48 Back to School SP (ENG SUB)

Takamina World. AKB48 news and translations. News related to Japanese music and TV. Idol related news.

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Mostly AKB48 only. JPOP Asia. News for all of Japanese jpop. News related to Japanese music and entertainment. News for Japanese music groups and artists. I personally recommend for following recent live events or news within 24 hours.

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Official announcements and other information for AKB group. Memolist blogRequest guidelines. Originally posted by allforbts. Be sure to tag someone who you think should answer some of these as well as reblog this so you followers could send you the questions they would like you to answer!! We interrupt this BTS blog to bring you an awesome, underrated girl group and boy group from P-pop that needs more attention, love, and views.

There are also people who have lost loved ones to COVID, and those who are stuck and homeless in a different country because of a lockdown. If so, could you please give me the full story, including spoilers and every little thing you can think of.

akb48 masterlist

I need the full story, so I can just pretend I watched it, but not actually watch it. Sure, and thanks so much for asking! I appreciate YOU asking and being so patient all the time! Well, I write them, lol. I usually get frustrated with them, and so I decided to write my own, so it goes the way I want it to :P. It feels degrading, considering idols are existing people. Uh … No. Who knows?

It DOES come with being a celebrity, after all. I guess they knew what they were getting themselves into from the start. Okay, third time answering this ask! Wish me luck!

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So tumblr just went and deleted an answer I typed up for an ask … twice. Get to Know Me Uncomfortably Well kpop edition Which group have you thought about stanning, but never seem to get around to it? Do you have any irl friends that like kpop? How old were you when you first got into kpop?Well, five years ago. This time they play a buzzer game where the answer is names of punishments that you always see in variety shows.

Who will win the quiz?

akb48 masterlist

Who will be punished? And who made Nako-chan cry? Watch and find out! Download softsubs here. We wonder who the next Yuko will be… can she even be replaced? Probably not, she was so unique. Watch this time as the girls plan a special surprise live show on a school full of unsuspecting students. How awesome would it be if AKB came to your school to perform like that?!

AKB again in your favourite game: Muchaburi Dodgeball. Featuring the cutest linesman in the history of Muchaburi Dodgeball!

akb48 masterlist

Can you believe that the last AKVegas was aired 4 years ago? Please look out for it! Well lets just go with what Kasai said. Lots of interesting trivia about members pops up and little hints and guesses makes our idol detectives keep guessing. Who will be the suspect this time? Will Sasshi perform better in a new team?

And what will happen with the dispute between Shimada and Miichan? How can she even cope with always having to eat this stuff?! Also, what has Shimada done to get poor Uno-chan in trouble?! Is he okay?!

How many of the Ugly fashion regulars will get their revenge? December 20, December 13, December 6, November 30, November 16, November 9, November 1, October 25, October 18, AKB48 Releases.


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