Glute drive machine how to use

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Glute drive machine how to use

The two exercises may look the same, but they each have their own benefits. Here, learn when to use each. Is it just us, or has the peach officially overthrown the eggplant as the most-used food emoji? Lately, everyone's been obsessed with building their backsides. While the squat may be the OG move for buns of steel, the glute bridge and hip thrust are officially rivaling the barbell squat for the spot of Best Glute Exercise.

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To the ahem untrained eye, the glute bridge and hip thrust may look the same, but they're not identical exercises: "The hip thrust and glute bridge are very similar in that they're both great for strengthening the gluteal muscles," says John Gallucci Jr.

Below, learn how to do both the glute bridge and the hip thrust—and what sets them apart.

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Then, let the fitness experts explain which you should be doing and when. This move is a fit-fluencer fave even Chelsea Handler does it! But for the uninitiated, the hip thrust requires some kind of upper back support and usually includes weight-typically in the form of a barbell.

To do a hip thrust, start in a seated position with your knees and feet flat on the floor and with your shoulder blades against a bench note: not your neck! Add weight to your hip crease using a pad, if needed. Squeeze your glutes and core and lift hips up until your back is parallel to the floor, explains Gallucci.

Hold for three seconds at the top, then lower back down to the start. Check out this guide on the barbell hip thrust for more detailed instructions.

The Gym Fitness Center Trainer Tip Tuesday Glute Drive

You've probably done one of these before: Lie face-up on the floor, with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Keep arms at your sides with palms down. Lift hips off the ground, squeezing your glutes and core until your knees, hips, and shoulders form a straight line. Hold for three seconds at the top, then lower back down to start, explains Gallucci.

To do it with weight, place a barbell or mini barbell on top of your hips and hold onto the load with both hands to stabilize it before lifting hips off the ground and driving hips up toward the ceiling.

For more in-depth glute bridge instructions check out this guide. The glute bridge-which has tons variations, including the single-leg bridge to the banded bridge kick -can be loaded or unloaded. However, it's usually used as a body-weight activation exercise, as opposed to weighted, strengthening exercise, says Grayson Wickham, D. That's why the glute bridge is traditionally used as a bodyweight exercise to activate the glutes in a warm-up before taking on more range of motion and weight, explains Belland.

Don't sleep the glute bridge, though, since activation is super important. Maybe you've heard the phrase " dead butt syndrome. Translation: The muscle is there, it's just not being used.While the gym is no doubt filled to the walls with many different pieces of equipment, not all the equipment is equal when it comes down to effectiveness. In fact, many machines in the gym are in my opinion sitting right on the border of being practically worthless, at least for many of us that is.

However, in many if not most cases, there are much better exercise options available to work a particular muscle group. This is especially true with the five machines covered here.

So without further ado, here are what I consider five of the worst weight training machines in the gym. Not that the chest press nor any machines on the list are really that bad, but there are many better exercise options for the chest. The chest press machine is good for isolating a small portion of the chest but does little to help build functional strength and could easily lead to injury if the machine is not set up right or the exercise is performed incorrectly.

The better chest exercises do not require brain surgery or the physique of a professional bodybuilder to perform either. Selectorized seated chest press usually requires a single or 2 adjustments and many gyms even have a couple of these machines so they are hard to miss. The weight machine for isolated hip extension is called many different names. You may see a machine called, glute master or butt blaster or something to that effect.

The selectorized hip extension machine works the motion of isolated hip extension which is worthless for most people because it can further increase muscle imbalances due to overactive hamstrings compensating for weak glute muscles.

Most people do not understand that all functional leg exercises such as squats, lunges and step-ups require glute activation. Do you remember when your parents, friends or co-workers told you to lift with your legs when you lift heavy household objects? Using the lower back extension machine is the equivalent of lifting a heavy object with your lower back only and not bending your legs. When you lift a heavy object at home such as a TV, the correct way to lift would help functionally strengthen your lower back such as performing a dead lift with proper form.

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The motion provided by the lower back extension machine is totally unnatural and can even lead to injury if performed incorrectly. A common reason for performing low back extension on these machines is the belief that it will burn fat off of the lower back and love handles area. This again, is not true and a fitness myth. Many people are too lazy to perform the most beneficial exercises such as squats and dead lifts so they believe the selectorized low back extension machine is necessary for strengthening their lower back when it really is one of the worst weight machines.

The reason for using any exercise machine should be to benefit your body in strength, improve muscle tone, help your body function better or help increase your metabolism. The motion which is mostly hip flexion can lead to muscle imbalance and poor posture and it is something which is completely useless for activities of daily living, athletics, and even working your abdominal muscles.

Yet another machine which is most commonly used because of the misconception that abdominal exercises burn abdominal fat. The seated ab crunch machine adds weight to the myth.

glute drive machine how to use

People associate the more weight they use with better results, stronger abs, and less fat which is not the case. The inner and outer thigh machines are the worst weight machines mostly because of the use with the belief that it will reduce thigh size, tone the legs or reduce cellulite.

What's the Difference Between a Glute Bridge and a Hip Thrust?

The fact is, inner and outer thigh machines are a complete waste of time for most people in the gym. The muscles that the machine works are muscles which are responsible for stabilization of the legs during functional activities such as walking and running.The bench press may seem simple at first glance.

But nothing could be further from the truth. It's that last point in the list above that I want to focus on today: leg drive. Don't know what leg drive is? This creates tension throughout your body, which gives you a stable base to press from.

Sounds simple, but it's easier said than done. Even lifters who understand the concept and importance of leg drive will often execute it poorly. So, I'll share several practical tips and cues that with practice will help you use leg drive more effectively, and in turn, increase your bench press.

Ideally, you should use a weight bench that's around The IPF requires for all benches in their powerlifting competitions to meet this spec because it's the best height range for maximizing leg drive for most people. If you're benching inside a power rack, the bench should either be a flat weight benchor an adjustable weight bench with minimal to no gap between the seat and back pad, if possible.

Start using leg drive before you move the barbell. This will reinforce your back arch and keep your body stable on the bench. A common mistake many lifters make is waiting until after they unrack the bar to really initiate leg drive.

This messes up your position, causing you to use poor technique and waste valuable energy trying to get back into the correct position. It's not enough to just say "drive through your heels. The "press your heels down" part of this cue implies lowering your heels as far as possible, before you really start driving with your legs.

This should occur during the set up - after arching your back and getting the right grip, but before unracking the bar.

This cue is applicable whether you bench with your feet flat on the floor, or with your legs tucked and heel raised. Either way you should lead with your heel, actively pressing it down into or toward the floor throughout the lift. As I said in tip 1, you should start the lift using a good amount of leg drive - Consider this your baseline amount of leg drive during your set.

Then, as you begin to press the weight up, drive your legs as explosively as possible until you get past your sticking point. See the graph below for a visual representation of how leg drive should change throughout the lift. A common mistake you'll see is people lifting up or shuffling their feet around during or between repetitions. This causes you to lose your tightness and gets you out of position.

Not to mention, you screw up your tempo and waste valuable energy getting back into position. It may just be an unconscious need to move lower body while your upper body is moving the weight. Simply becoming aware of what you're doing should fix this. Or, as was the case with me, it can result from having a poor setup position before liftoff, causing you to adjust position mid-set.

The solution is to improve your setup. First off, there'd be less total leg drive force since your glutes contribute directly to that. Even more importantly, there would be a disconnect between your upper body and lower body The tension created from pushing into the floor would not transfer efficiently to your upper body.

Your back arch would be less profound and weaker, thereby reducing upper back tightness and creating a less stable base to bench off of. The moral of the story here is to flex your butt muscles hard throughout your bench press set.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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If the promotional purchase amount is not paid in full within 12 months, interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date and your total payments will be greater than the amount of the promotional purchase amount. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within 12 months. Minimum monthly payments required. Availability: In stock. Inspired by the increasing trend of hip thrust exercises seen in various and dangerous executions in gyms today, we developed the Nautilus Glute Drive to safely and smartly isolate glutes, build power through a strong hip bridge motion, improve hip and core stability, and ultimately create sexy glutes.

The Glute Drive gives users the full benefits of the hip thrust exercise, simply, safely and with proper biomechanics and balanced load curve while having the added benefit of freeing up benches and barbells for other members. These benefits are universally desirable, important for a wide variety of sports and exercises and are arguably the most important muscles for total athleticism.

A comfortable padded belt secures the user to the back pad which supports the full length of the spine for added safety. Users have the ability to load up to four plates on each side which gives the machine a max weight of lbs or utilize the built-in band pegs to modify the max load to their ideal load curve weight.

The Glute Drive is an efficient and effective all-in-one solution that makes the hip thrusting motion accessible to everyone. Why Choose Total Body Experts. Be the first to hear about new products, special offers and latest news by subscribing to our free newsletter.

Nautilus Glute Drive. More Views. Click for important monthly payment information. This estimated payment: Equals the promotional purchase amount divided by 12 excluding taxes and shipping charges rounded to the next highest whole dollar.

Request a quote. Add to Cart. Inspired by the increasing trend of glute exercises seen in various and dangerous executions in the gyms today, the Nautilus Glute Drive piece safely and smartly isolates your glutes, building power through a strong hip bridge motion, creating sexy glutes, improved hip and core stability. Description Details. Be the first to review this product. Sign Up for Our Newsletter:. Connect With Us. Good News! Go back Start shopping.Heck, even I do, but no pun intended mostly for performance purposes like jumping higher and having greater overall strength and power.

Plus, your glutes play a crucial role in supporting your lower back. If you choose to add these 19 glute exercises into your workouts, your lower body will have better shape and be able to produce more power which is good for overall performance. Did you know your gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the human body?

As its name implies, it is the largest and most superficial closest to the surface of the 3 gluteal muscles. The function of the gluteus maximus is primarily upper leg thigh extensionsuch as moving the upper leg backward—think rising from a squat position.

Another way of thinking about this is bringing the torso upright after being hinged forward. Hip extension is also prominent during deadlifts, the push-off in sprinting and skatingand simply extending the thigh backward in any leg swing type of activity ie. This muscle sits directly underneath the gluteus maximus and mostly serves to stabilize your pelvis hipsespecially when standing on one leg. Thus, when you walk or run which is a cyclical 1-leg activity or walk up the stairs, gluteus medius fires to prevent the pelvis from dropping to the opposite side.

Additionally, the gluteus medius and minimus work to abduct the thigh move it away from the body. It mostly acts as a hip stabilizer. Other than that, it works together with the gluteus medius. If you only did these 19 exercises, your glutes would be in amazing shape. The American Council on Exercise ACE did a study out of the University of Wisconsin to discover which exercises were most effective at activating the glutes.

Introducing The Hip Thruster!

And guess which one came out on top for gluteus maximus activation? This graph shows the results along with other notable glute exercises already mentioned in our list here : 1. Get on your hands and knees, keep your back neutral, and abs braced. Take your leg right and drive it upwards keeping the knee at a degree angle throughout the movement and so the foot faces the ceiling and the hip, thigh and knee are all in alignment and parallel to the floor.

Lower back down and repeat for all reps before switching sides. Famed spine mechanist, Dr. If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only do one exercise, it would definitely be the kettlebell swing. With your back flat and core engaged, lean forward and place both hands on the kettlebell. Your feet should a bit wider than hip-distance apart.

Maintain a slight bend to the knee and drive the hips back. Then, in a fluid motion, explosively drive the hips forward while swinging the kettlebell, keeping the glutes and core engaged. Lower the weight back down between the legs and keep this swinging motion going for desired reps. This makes sense… since the deeper you go assuming good form with no pelvic tilt the more you stretch, and thus activate, your glutes.

Squats that only go part of the way tend to be more reliant on the muscles of the quads, not the glutes. So go deep for greater glute involvement. Begin with the barbell supported on top of the back of your shoulder ie.

Stand chest proud and head facing forward and keep your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart with the feet slightly turned if needed. Brace your abs and lower your bum back and down as if sitting into a chair keeping the weight in your heels and go below parallel as long as your back stays straight through the entire range of motion.

Return to standing by pushing your heels into the ground to drive yourself up and focus on engaging your glutes as you push up to standing. Obviously, you need to focus on doing it right because it can cause serious damage if you do it to failure thanks CrossFit or with poor form.

Stand close to the bar so your shins graze the bar and that it is centered over your feet. Your feet should be about hip-width apart. Bend at the hip to grip the bar at shoulder width and ensure that your back is flat and core is braced. Lower your hips and flex the knees, keep your chest up and your back flat, and begin driving through the heels to move the weight upward.I intend on making this unit very popular over time and continuing on my pursuits to help people attain better butts across the world.

I believe that in ten years, these will be very common in commercial gyms, athletic training facilities, personal training studios, and Crossfit boxes. You can just do barbell hip thrusts at the gym along with other great glute exercises to attain an amazing glute workout and achieve excellent results. And one thing this blog has taught me is that there are thousands upon thousands of people out there who are just like me — people who love gluting!

The Hip Thruster is the best way to do the hip thrust — stable and versatile! I finally decided to do something about this, so I went to work designing the perfect unit. After much tinkering with the design, I believe I finally nailed it! Here is what I wrote about the unit:. The Hip Thruster is the ultimate piece of exercise equipment for gluteal sculpting. Simply place the feet on the mat and the mid-back on the pad and start thrusting the hips.

As you progress in strength, wrap a band around the hips, use a barbell, or utilize a combination of both barbell and bands once you reach advanced status. The hip thrust can be used by individuals seeking better butts in the comfort of their own living rooms or garages. Since the gluteus maximus is quite possibly the most important and versatile muscle in the human body for increased athleticism and physical fitness, you want to be performing the hip thrust regularly to maximize your performance, not to mention your appearance.

Everybody appreciates nicely shaped buttocks! The Hip Thruster is highly durable with no moving parts except the wheelsso it will stand the test of time. High quality wheels and a handle allow for easy manipulation and transportation. It saves power rack space in athletic training facilities to be used for other exercises.

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It can be stored upright against a wall or inside of a closet. Band pegs allow for the hip thrust to be performed against elastic resistance so you can attain an incredible glute workout without the requirements of free weights. Conversely, free weights can be used as well for variety. That said, the band-only option is truly incredible. I like to perform a few sets shortly after I wake up as I find that they make my body function better throughout the day, both in my workouts and in my regular acts of daily living.

I wrote about the importance of both mechanical tension and metabolic stress as they pertain to hypertrophy HERE. This includes 4 bikini competitors, 3 powerlifters, 2 pro athletes, and more. This is an important consideration in training athletes who play contact sports. Perfect for Crossfit.

The 8-Week Hip Thrust / Leg Extension / Nordic Ham Curl Experiment

In fact, I think that Crossfit boxes should each have two or three of them and incorporate them into their WODs. With all the different combinations of bodyweight, barbell, band, barbell plus band, single leg, high rep, low rep, drop sets, pause reps, rest-pause reps, constant-tension reps, and isoholds, you can easily create a different highly effective protocol for each day of the week or even month for that matter.

A Glute WOD, if you will. Crossfitters would love it, as would their glutes! If you want your gym to carry a Hip Thrustersend them this article link and let them know that you think it would be a good addition to the gym.

glute drive machine how to use

Bands would be icing on the cake. This way, those performing hip thrusts would feel more comfortable performing them, and those not performing hip thrusts would appreciate having more benches, bars, and racks available for use. In my opinion The Hip Thruster is indeed better than all other pieces of exercise equipment for shaping the backside. Straight leg hip extension exercises such as the back extension, 45 degree hyper, and reverse hyper, do a great job of targeting the entire posterior chain, whereas hip thrusts keep the knees bent and the hamstrings shortened so the hammies do less and the glutes do more.

Hip thrusts are more pure of a glute exercise. If you teach the female membership how to properly perform hip thrusts and use the unit, The Hip Thruster will likely be the most favorite piece of equipment.Squats and deadlifts have been my bread and butter lifts for as long as I can remember.

My knees especially my right one were dodgy, and my low back was feeling beat up more often than not. For this reason, I decided to embark on an experiment. Having realized that the smith machine allowed me to hip thrust pain-free and recently having received the Glute Drive, which also feels good on my knees, I wanted to see what would happen to my leg and glute size in addition to my squat and deadlift strength if I just performed hip thrusts, leg extensions, and Nordic ham curls or leg curls twice per week zero squats and deadlifts — not even single-leg patterns.

I get more hip flexion compared to when I use the Hip Thruster. In fact, when I perform smith machine hip thrusts, I use a taller bench than normal. I felt that going deeper would help me retain more squat and deadlift strength due to hip range of motion specificity. During the last 8 weeks, my training has been amazing. Any low back and knee pain has vanished, and my workouts have been highly productive. Twice per week, I would perform 4 sets of either smith machine or Glute Drive hip thrusts, 4 sets of leg extensions, and 4 sets of either lying or seated leg curls or Nordic ham curls.

glute drive machine how to use

I was performing 12 sets of lower body twice per week for a total of 24 weekly sets. My sets were in the rep range, with the average reps per set being Today, I tested my 1RM squat and deadlift strength. I hit a lb full squat and a lb sumo deadlift. I believe I likely could have hit a lb squat if I wanted, and I probably could have a hit lb deadlift if I allowed for more slop. This is right around what I was lifting 8 weeks ago.

Interestingly, the squat and deadlift movement patterns did feel unnatural. In fact, I felt very uncoordinated and awkward — similar to how I used to feel decades ago when I was first learning them, but my strength was still there. I also reached all-time highs in leg extension strength, Nordic ham curl strength, and smith machine and Glute Drive hip thrust strength. If you are finding yourself in a lot of pain from squats and deadlifts, you can try this experiment too.


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